Metro encourages changes to keep bus riders safe from COVID-19

Omaha Metro bus service
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Metro is offering free fares for bus paratransit services in an effort to limit COVID-19 spread along with encouraging all riders to use the rear door when entering. This goes into effect Wednesday.

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“We are all facing an unprecedented challenge,” said Metro’s Executive Director Curt Simon. “Our goal is to protect front-line staff and support our riders. By boarding through the back door and eliminating fare box interaction, we can create social distance, provide safe access for essential workers, and ease financial burdens for riders.”

They will also be closing Metro's lobby and front desk, updating the lost and found policy, enhancing cleaning programs, and continuing to work the DCHD to monitor conditions.

Metro is asking anyone who is sick to not ride the bus and for those who aren't to only ride the bus for essential trips.