Metro company steps in to help head-off hot air crises

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Customers stiffed by an air conditioning contractor won’t be suffering in this heat wave. After Six on Your Side exposed the unlicensed installer, another company stepped up with a cool offer.

After paying $3,400 to AAA Residential Heating and Air, Jim Kvetensky lost his cool with the contractor. “Never saw him again,” Kvetnesky said. “Just disappeared with the money.”

Six on Your Side confronted that contractor, Scott Iverson, asking him why it was taking so long.

”I’ve got anxiety bad,” Iverson said, “and right now I’m getting money collected that people owe me and stuff.”

Jim needs a refund to pay for a new system. “It would not go below 80 degrees, the temperature,” he said.

But after seeing the Six on Your Side investigation, Thermal Services owner Wade Mayfield stepped in.

Mayfield told Jim, “We’re tickled to death to be able to make this go away and be a gift and a blessing to you.”

Jim said, ”Great. I just hope to reward other people and pay it back.”

Thermal Services donated and installed almost $25,000 worth of heating and air systems for three customers who paid another contractor that didn’t deliver.

Mayfield told Frances Kudirka, “There’s plenty of what’s wrong in the world so it’s fun to be a part of what’s right.”

Kudirka knows her new system from Thermal Services is installed by the book.

Her old heating and air system had been running for 25 years and it was working on borrowed time. It’s now been replaced in time to battle the hottest air of the year.

Three homeowners each get an $8,200 heating and air system for free so the industry’s reputation leaves customers in a comfort zone.

Frances said, “I don’t know what to say. It’s wonderful.”

After our initial Six on Your Side investigation, contractor Scott Iverson refunded one customer $1,900. He still owes her $1,100.

The city confirmed that Iverson doesn’t have a license. Our recent text to his number hasn’t been answered.