Merritt Beach RV Park future

PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (WOWT) -- The recent flooding didn’t just tear through lake homes in the area. Dozens of expensive recreational vehicles and travel trailers are a total loss at private RV park south of the metro.

Cranes and cable are the tackle needed to fish out RVs after floodwater from the nearby Platte River blasted though Merritt’s Beach.

“Yeah we had it insured so we’re able to get at least a part of it back, not all of it but then all of the stuff on our pad got washed away.” says one camper owner, Keith Bader.

Keith Bader’s $26,000, almost ten month old travel trailer stood its ground but filled with floodwater and now mud.

“We’re already looking at new ones so we’re definitely coming back.” says Bader.

About 70 RVs and travel trailers some worth an estimated $60,000 to $80,000 are totaled.

Mark Boyer is the developer at the beach and is confident things will get sorted out.

“I would say 99% are totaled then the insurance companies will grab them and get them out of here.” explains Boyer.

But welcomed back will be camping families who pay up to $3,500 a year for a pad and hookups.

“We have no plans to increase any of their rents or anything like that even though our costs is going to go up.” says Boyer.

Boyer hopes to rebuild and reopen Merritt’s Beach RV park by July Fourth.

The tipping point is getting all the insurance adjustors in the and damaged RVs and campers out.

A few that didn’t take on water are still liveable.

“Jack it up and reposition it. Move it back and make it back to being a happy camper.” says Gary Friedenbach, another RV owner.

People here are hopeful they’ll be enjoying sunsets again from the beach and not in the lake.