Members of Omaha's black community working for lasting change

Published: Jun. 10, 2020 at 7:09 PM CDT
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On the heels of multiple days of protests that saw thousands of people calling for change, members of Omaha’s black community are going behind closed doors to process and prepare to continue the battle for racial equality.

“Groups of artists, and coops and collabs of organizers and people in leadership positions who are having conversations about how we can positions ourselves for longevity in this effort,” said JoAnna LeFlore, Vice President

“These efforts that are happening at least here in Omaha are really about internal dialogue right now and creating safe spaces for us to share with each other what our intentions are,” said LeFlore.

Marcey Yates, the founder of Cuxlr House, where Wednesday’s meeting was held, said, “There are lots of components to it; the community is one thing and the judicial system is another thing.”

Yates said it’s important to give the community space to process.

“We’ve got to get behind closed doors, analyze what’s going on and how we want to move forward.”

In the meantime, he suggests anyone wanting to be part of the change can reach out to

noting that above else don’t stand in the way of the momentum.

“We just want people to know this is our time,” said LeFlore. “And we’re ready for those leadership positions that are going to be provided through that.”