Melt your fat away

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Many of us have that one area of fat on our body that we wish we could get rid of. A new procedure is making that possible without diet or exercise by melting the fat away.

Amanda Matson works out. "I teach boot camp and kickboxing. *I do 20 minutes of cardio in the morning, I lift evenings. I work abdominals every other day." Even after all that fat burning activity, her abdominal fat just won't budge.

"The lower tummy and the muffin top or spare are the most frustrating area," says Dr. David Finkle. There is now a solution for those like Amanda who are close to their ideal weight, but have that one trouble spot. It's called "sculpsure."

"Sculpsure is the world's first FDA laser that's indicated for non-surgical fat removal of the abdomen and flanks," says Dr. Finkle. A patient decides on the exact areas they want treated using up to four applicator heads. Each head has a laser. "The laser goes through this little window and it goes down into the fat and then it gets hot and cool and it alternates," says Dr. Finkle.

The heat is intense, more than 100 degrees. "The laser has to be hot enough to destroy the fat cells, but we don't want it be so hot that we could burn the skin," says the doctor.

During the 25-minute process, up to 25-percent of the fat cells in the targeted area are destroyed and never come back. "I feel like I'm cheating on a test of something because we're making this fat melt in 25 minutes that you couldn't get rid of in years of exercise training," says Dr. Finkle.

This procedure is not a quick fix. Patients won't see full results for up to 12 weeks, but after 12 weeks there is a difference. Patients have been happy with the results and while Amanda hasn't reached her 12 weeks yet, she likes what she's sees. "What I've noticed so far is a flatter abdomen. I've noticed more definition." Something else Amanda likes is there's no downtime, side effects or pain. "I went out to eat with some friends and had some drinks and I taught kickboxing the next morning."

Most importantly, she's finally getting and enjoying the results she's worked so hard for. "I'm going to buy another bikini. I haven't worn one since my honeymoon."

Dr. Finkle is the only doctor in the state performing the sculpsure procedure and like most cosmetic procedures it is not covered by insurance and it's not cheap. The average cost for one treatment is between $1,200 and $1,500.