Mayor unveils road to the future with list of pavement projects

Published: Apr. 21, 2017 at 11:02 AM CDT
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City officials have outlined their 2017 plan to get some of the rumble out of the metro roads. Mayor Jean Stothert and other city officials have outlined plans for 41 street resurfacing projects this year.

The mayor said, "I think we all agree we're about 50 years behind where we should be," in street repairs. She said the city can't fix that in four years but this year's plan puts the city on the right road. "We are catching up," she said.

There are 41 locations on the list for work this year comprised of 81.43 lane miles of streets that will field $13 million worth of improvements in 2017.

That work will also include $400,000 worth of improvements on brick roads which the mayor said had been completely neglected by previous administrations.

The mayor said the three things she hears regularly from Omaha residents are, "keep me safe, lower my taxes and fix my streets."

The road work is expected to begin in June but there is no firm timetable for the schedule due to the unknown of weather conditions.

As is always the case with these types of projects, the smooth roads of the future are paved with the bumps of the construction work. Public Works Director Bob Stubbe said, "There's going to be some congestion." He said they will look at whether work can be done at night or if streets will need to be shut down for the improvements.