Mayor on Palermo: His fate is in the hands of City Council

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Mayor Stothert issued a statement Wednesday on Councilman Vincent Palermo, following his guilty plea yesterday for not filing his 2012-2014 taxes.

One day after Palermo pleaded guilty to three counts of willful failure to file income taxes, he told 6 News that he doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

“I will not resign,” said Palermo.

According to the Mayor, she can’t do anything about it:

    It is Councilman Palermo’s responsibility to address his recent plea to federal charges of willful failure to file income tax returns, and his decision to remain on the Omaha City Council with his constituents.

    The Omaha City Charter does not give the Mayor of Omaha the authority to take action to remove Mr. Palermo from his elected position on the Council.

    Section 2.05 of the Charter lists the reasons a City Council member can be removed from office. One of those reasons is the conviction of a felony crime. Councilman Palermo pled to misdemeanors.

    The Charter does however, give the City Council the authority to remove any member from office for reasons outlined in the Charter.