Managing a room filled with kids when the weather won't cooperate

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Sometimes nature can require some supernatural creativity to cope.

Coping with a room filled with kids on a cold, wet day

Imagine being inside one a cold and rainy day with dozens of toddlers who are used to going outside to play.

Thursday posed such a problem at the UNO Child Care Center where 74 energy-filled kids were destined for a day indoors.

UNO Child Care Director Dawn Hove-Casart said, “We find lots of different ways to counteract that, so one of the ways is to do dancing, music and movement activities so depending on the age what type of activity they will do. The amount of energy that kids tend to expend is enormous so you find the ways that will counteract that.”

Miss Dawn has a plan for any type of inclement weather. “You have to prepare because rainy days are going to happen, snowy days are going to happen.”

Miss Dawn says sometimes they have to import a little help to get through the rainy days. “We actually have programs that come in. We do soccer lessons, dance lessons, yoga lessons.”

The staff also gets something out of all this indoor activity. “They keep you young. They keep us going. They give us the energy in the exercise as well.”

The children do a lot of moving around and listening to staff members read books. All of this is better than dealing with dozens of children outside in the rain.

UNO Child Care officials say if the weather improves they can still go out for walks or wagon rides getting the children outside for some fresh air.