Man suspected of stealing packages arrested

Published: Nov. 2, 2017 at 3:59 PM CDT
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Sarpy County deputies say home security video helped them nab a man suspected of stealing packages off of metro porches.

On Wednesday, investigators received a video taken from a doorbell video camera. The video showed a man stealing a package from a porch.

“We didn't think we'd catch somebody that quickly,” said Derick Snow. “I posted it on Next Door right away, and it just took off from there.”

Snow told 6 News he’d just installed his new doorbell camera last Saturday. It was Wednesday that he got an alert that somebody was at his front door.

The video was shared on social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor. The video also brought investigators across the street to Snow's neighbor, Heather. She was expecting file folders at her front step that day.

“Knocked on the door and said, ‘were you expecting a package? Because we saw this video from your neighbor across the street, and it looks like somebody took something off your doorstep,’” Heather said.

Her family has already been on their toes after the recent home invasion and rape nearby.

“Less than two weeks ago, they were knocking on our door during the manhunt,” she said.

That incident is what caused Snow to install his doorbell camera.

Deputies said the video was very clear and showed both the suspect, as well as the suspect’s vehicle. Deputies received several tips and were able to identify the man as Roland Johnson Jr.

Uniformed deputies and investigators arrested Johnson at the Red Carpet Inn Thursday afternoon. 6 News was there as deputies recovered several stolen packages. Deputies said the packages will be returned to their proper owners.

Johnson will be booked in to the Sarpy County Jail. He’s facing five counts of Theft by Unlawful Taking.

Snow said all that was stolen off his doorstep were some sippy cups, but says he's thankful he now has the camera.

“It's cheap. It's easy installation. I highly recommend it,” Snow told 6 News. “Somebody coming up to our porch like that, who has bad intentions. It's a scary feeling.”

This is the time of year officials say package thefts typically climb because the holidays are just around the corner. A Sarpy County Sheriff’s investigator has some ideas for you at home:

  • If you know of a neighbor who stays at home or will be home that day, send the package there instead.
  • Ask the shipping company to hide the package behind a bush or on the side or back of your home.
  • Ship the package directly to your work so you know you'll for sure get it.