Man charged with sexual assault of minor in Sarpy County

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SARPY COUNTY, Neb. (WOWT) -- A man sits in Sarpy County Jail this week charged with sexual assault of a child. The child's mother is pleading for parents to keep an eye on your kid's internet activity.

"We have a man that's 37-years-old that preyed on a 15-year-old that didn't care about her age…didn't care that she has problems," the mother told 6 News in an anonymous interview.

Craig Carlson Jr. is listed on the county jail roster and freshly charged with sexual assault of a minor. "She posted an ad on Craigslist and he replied," said the mother.

The girl's mother says that her daughter has been dealing with mental health issues. "He picked her up down the street and he took her to a hotel and he had sex with her." According to the criminal complaint, investigators believe it happened at a Quality Inn.

The mother tells us she thinks she monitors her kid's social media more than the average parent. "On my phone I ave her Instagram, I have her Facebook." Her daughter was using her younger sister's reading tablet to get on to messaging apps and Craigslist. The mother says she had no idea the teen even had access to the sites or was even using the tablet.

"We really have to watch our kids."

While the girl posted that she is 19, her mom says she’s four years younger. "From her neck down she looks like a woman. Her face looks like a child."

For the adults that would ignore the signs that they are dealing with children the mother only has disgust. "You're ruining their…not just ruining their life temporarily but it's a lifelong struggle that they're going to have to deal with the rest of their life.”

Carlson will likely remain at the jail until his next court appearance on December 26th. The mother tells 6 News they believe there may be other men who met with her daughter.