Man charged with attempted murder after running semi-tractor into Wahoo police cruisers

Published: Aug. 14, 2019 at 5:36 PM CDT
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Saunders County investigators reveal that the semi driver who crashed into Wahoo Police Officer’s cruisers Tuesday was possibly by no accident.

60-year-old Jeffrey Ehrlich has been charged with attempted murder Wednesday after totaling a Wahoo police SUV and cruiser with his semi-tractor. According to investigators, he had issues with the police department.

Ehrlich told the judge he doesn’t remember.

“This is a big, big problem that happened. I don’t recall much that evening,” said Ehrlich.

Tuesday night in Wahoo, the suspect was in cuffs outside his home after the investigators were originally called for a disturbance.

According to prosecutors, Ehrlich was looking for a fight.

“Defendant made a phone call that he assaulted someone and Wahoo Police were going to pay and that he intended to die that evening,” said a prosecutor.

One of his officers jumped behind a tree for protection as the semi driver raced over the curb and prosecutors allege, he got out and came at them with a baseball bat.

“They showed a remarkable amount of restraint and great aptitude for tactics, able to get the suspect in custody without any injury,” said Chief of Wahoo Police Bruce Ferrell.

Sherriff Kevin Stukeholtz with Saunders County said, “We are probably lucky the outcome was just two totaled police cars and a damaged truck.”

The Judge said he believed the suspect to be a flight risk and a danger to others. Bond remains at $500,000.