Man caught on camera stealing money from tip jar to pay bill

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 9:28 PM CST
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Employees at Jonesy’s Taco House in Carter Lake took justice into their own hands after catching this man steal tip money to pay for his meal.

“The gentleman came up, told me he didn’t have his receipt, so I turned around to look for it while the other girls were adding tickets and answering the phone with orders,” Trisha Rock, a server said, describing the situation.

That’s when the man made his move.

When Rock turned around, he grabbed the cash. He had his receipt all along.

About thirty minutes later, Trisha’s shift was over.

“It was a busy taco Tuesday. A friend of mine came in with a large order to go and she tipped me 10, put it in the jar,” said Rock.

There was no ten-dollar bill. That’s when she had a hunch. She and the owner went back to the security camera right above the register.

“We looked back on the camera and saw the whole thing play out,” said Rock. “I am a single mom. A lot of us who work here, so stick your hand and take my money, I feel violated.”

Another video put the video on Facebook where it got at least 1,000 views. Customers came through the door to make up for the theft.

“The next day I came into work people weren’t even eating, they were throwing tens in my tip jar telling me I’m sorry,” said Rock.

Eventually, Facebook users recognized the man. We are blurring his face since the business is no longer looking for him and is not pursuing the case with the police. They told him he was banned from all locations.

“That 10 dollar tip could have been a Christmas gift for my daughter. Its Christmas time come on now, you got to show people it’s not OK to do that. You don’t come in and do that to us and I doubt it’ll ever happen again,” said Rock.

Trisha said she wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t for the 10 dollar bill. Employees are happy the issue is resolved.

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