MUD, OPPD won't shut off utilities for non-payment during coronavirus crisis

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- In response to the coronavirus pandemic, MUD and OPPD announced Thursday they have put a hold on disconnections due to non-payment until further notice.

Metropolitan Utilities District's decision to no longer disconnect water due to non-payment is to make sure customers have access to water for drinking, cooking and hygiene practices.

Omaha Public Power District said in its news release that the district would suspend disconnections for non-payment through April 30, and will re-evaluate the moratorium at that time.

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Coronavirus has not been shown to be a water-borne disease and the water distribution system has not been compromised, Chris Fox, director of water quality for MUD, said in the news release.

MUD's water quality experts are checking samples more than 1,000 times a day, the release states.