MUD says 2019 budget should lower bills for average customers

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- The Metropolitan Utilities District has approved a 2019 budget with an increase in water rates that MUD says will be countered by stable gas rates.

For those who get both their gas and water from the district, MUD says the average customer will save a projected $13 a year.

The District's math on cost projections has the average residential water bill rising $27 a year but according to and MUD news release, "combined with lower natural gas costs, the average residential customer’s total bill is projected to decrease $13 a year." A low-use residential water customer is projected to see a smaller increase than the average customer, about 50-cents a month or $6 annually.

The District estimates 2019 revenues of $138 million for the Water Department and $193.4 million for the Gas Department. The revenues will be used to fund the District’s operating expenses, gas purchases, debt service costs, capital improvements, cast iron pipe replacement and to maintain reasonable cash reserves.