Lunch trouble at Benson High blamed on construction mix-up

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BENSON, Neb. (WOWT) -- Parents and students at Benson High School took to social media over Monday’s lunch menu. Some students say their only option for lunch was a cold cheese sandwich.

Clay Clapp brought his own food to school Tuesday after a less than satisfying Monday lunch hour.

“Next thing you know they say ‘we’re out of lunch’ so they give us two pieces of bread and a piece of cheese slapped on there and that’s what they gave us. And we’re kind of like, ‘Really? This is what you’re going to give us?’” said Clapp.

“It’s very disappointing that the kids are going hungry. They have an education to get, you know? How do you do good in school when you’re hungry,” said Benson parent Tiffany Standly.

A construction mix-up and a disconnected gas line shut down ovens in the kitchen Monday. The early lunch students received hot lunch, but the late lunch students had to go with plan B – they got sandwiches.

“I think they need to be better prepared because kids that got last lunch got the short end of the stick. Other kids were fed better than the kids at last lunch,” said Standly.

“We were kind of upset about it. We were all looking forward to lunch ‘cause we were all hungry and you just give us two pieces of bread with cheese on it. It was kind of pathetic if you ask me,” said Clapp.

More than 70 percent of OPS students receive free or reduced lunch, so Standly says missing a meal is a big deal.

“For kids that don’t have resources and that come to school – that’s the only good meal that they get a day,” she said.

Work crews had the problem corrected by 3:30 Monday afternoon. Lunch at Benson High School was back to normal Tuesday.