Louisville parents plead guilty for child abuse

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LOUISVILLE, Neb. (WOWT)-- Two parents from Louisville, Nebraska have taken a plea deal for the death of one of their malnourished, infant twin daughters.

David and Kassandra Krutina have pleaded guilty to two counts of Negligent Child Abuse Causing Serious Injury. Prosecutors reduced the charges in return for their guilty pleas.

The plea agreement states that attorneys will recommend five-years of probation for each parent when they’re sentenced.

That’s scheduled for October, 21.

The Krutina’s took their twin 6-month old daughter to the hospital on September 1, last year. Both were underweight.

An autopsy found that Samantha died from Rickets, a disease caused by malnourishment making the bones brittle.

Doctors say, the other daughter, was lucky to survive.