Loud booms that echoed through metro neighborhoods remain a mystery

Published: Dec. 12, 2016 at 5:51 PM CST
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Loud booming noises heard early Monday left a metro neighborhood and local law enforcement confused as to where the noise originated. Questions flooded into the WOWT 6 Newsroom after two loud “boom” noises were reported early Monday morning.

Sarpy County deputies fielded 4-5 calls about the noises from residents in the Millard and Bellevue areas. Deputies checked the areas, but nothing suspicious was located.

Viewers tell WOWT 6 News around 3 a.m. two ‘massive’ boom sounds sounded about 10 minutes apart. Many people who reported hearing the sounds looked for answers on the Neighborhood app, but with no luck.

Sarpy County dispatch also checked with Offutt Air Force Base, they heard the "boom” noise as well, but they did not have any planes up at the time of the boom.

Deputies said at this point no one seems to know the origins of noise.