Lost luggage included tax-paid CPAP machine

Published: Mar. 28, 2017 at 4:56 PM CDT
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Lost luggage doesn't just happen at airports. A disabled Nebraska woman choose a bus ride all the way to the west coast but when she got off in California her relaxing vacation turned stressful.

She paid to see the country by bus but Jody Boyd hasn't seen her luggage since Greyhound stowed it below in December 2015. The former Greyhound passenger said, "a Greyhound employee asked me to please put my carry on underneath you know to check it in."

Since Jody took the trip more than a year ago, she claims she has faxed in an itemized loss sheet twice and she didn't receive a response from Greyhound.

She says the items lost total about $6,000. The high amount due to more than just a lost piece of luggage. Also missing is a $3,000 C-PAP breathing machine.

"I do have the receipts and everything," Jody told Six on Your Side.

The C-PAP bought for her through Medicare and Nebraska State Health Assistance. After leaving Omaha, she saw it last during a bus connection in Kansas City. Jody Boyd said, "It's the taxpayers of the state of Nebraska that are victims as well because they paid up the bill for the first one and now when I get my new one, hopefully in a week or so, they will have to pay again."

Jody said she got a call not long after Six On Your Side contacted the bus company. Greyhound is reimbursing her $250. Far short of her claim but a maximum offered without purchasing additional insurance.