Local woman starts YouTube channel for cleaning during COVID-19 outbreak

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 3:40 PM CDT
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A metro woman is using her time at home to help make sure others are staying safe during the coronavirus outbreak. Meet Shana Von Knorring.

She's been cleaning homes for years. Now she's changing things up during the coronavirus outbreak and making sure others are able to stay healthy while staying at home.

She's created her own YouTube series called "Season's Cleanings". It's focused on making sure people have the right tools to make sure their homes are cleaned and disinfected properly during the virus outbreak.

Von Knorring said, "I thought, I have the time. So, let's get the information out because it's in my industry. It's in cleaning. Let's make it instead of once a week like I originally planned, I decided to just shoot it all and into an eight video- series and I thought "binge" series because that's the thing we're all doing right now when we're home."

Von Knorring says she came up with the idea after trying to make a video on cleaning during the flu season. Then the virus hit and she says she wanted to do her part to help people the best way she knows how.

She's focusing her videos on things like disinfecting your home, cleaning door handles and light switches properly.

She's also teaching people how to make items selling out of stores like hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes.

"I feel like I’m teaching some things that are basic but no, people don't know these things because that's not what they're focused on. They're focused on their families, and their careers and their jobs so, it's nice to show them some techniques and tricks,” said Von Knorring.

Von Knorring says she wants to spread a message of positivity during a time of uncertainty. She says we can all pick up something new to learn.

"we’re all panicking, we're all scared and we're all confused and trying to get our information but really we are home and that's the best thing to do for everybody but, you know, there is opportunity in this,” said Von Knorring.

Von Knorring says she plans to launch about eight videos in her new series.

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