Local pizza shop goes the distance to survive COVID-19 business restrictions

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- When you think delivery, pizza might be one of the first foods that come to mind. Noli’s Pizza in Blackstone is working to capitalize on that with a full delivery battle plan.

When it comes to getting their food to the city their plan is to go the distance for people choosing to support them.

“They are very aware that this situation could go south for a lot of businesses,” said Duncan Joyner, the night manager.

Before the coronavirus, Noli’s used services like door dash, but they knew to be competitive in an expanding world of delivery they needed to do more.

“From 4-6 we’ve been delivering all over the city par bakes which are really half baked pizzas,” said Joyner.

By not focusing on hot and ready they are able to deliver food to anyone in Omaha’s expansive city.

With about a week of this new system under their belt, they’re continuing to find new ways to get their product to consumers.

“And then we may also expand our actual hot food delivery but we’re still working on that though. Everything is in flux,” said Joyner.

Joyner says sales are down but that was expected. What they are seeing is bigger tips from people who are choosing to eat their food. He hopes the outpouring of support doesn’t stop before the restrictions on bars and restaurants loosen.

“So I’m not worried right now ask me in three days and that can change but right now I feel really lucky that we’re open,” said Joyner.

To stay open, Noli’s is helping settle fears some have around the food industry. Workers must wear gloves, encouraging people to pay online, and serving items customers would typically be able to grab themselves.

“The entire populace has been subjected to this I think that some of these things will become the standard Business operating procedure,” said Joyner.

This tiny piece of paper is also making sure customers know what they are getting is germ-free. It comes with each delivery, explains the food is safe but to be careful with packaging.