Reign Lounge liquor license debate put on hold

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The debate over whether an Omaha bar should have its liquor license had been postponed.

Neighbors have complained about a number of issues at the Reign Lounge, from big crowds to fights in the parking lot.

At Tuesday's city council meeting, Omaha Police ran through a list of violations for the lunge.

The owner said it's a witch-hunt conducted by a handful of neighbors.

The lounge is located off of 30th St. near Interstate 680.

The list of violations go back a year-and-a-half and include neighbor complaints about parking on the grass, big crowds and trash left behind.

Owner James Overton said he's doing whatever it takes to fix the problems and spends $1,500 a week on security. He also said he ropes off a neighboring business and the library so that his patrons don't park there.

The city council voted to take up the topic at a later date.