Local group joins global push in call for action on climate change

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Hundreds of thousands of young people around the globe took to the streets Friday for a day of global climate protest.

In Omaha, dozens of protesters gathered in front of the Civic Center, many with homemade signs to protest what they say is the lack of action in dealing with the problem of global warming.

Cate Kelly is one of the organizers. She said our lawmakers cannot continue to ignore this issue.

“We’ve been talking about this issue for over 30 years we really need to sit down and act on it. That’s what we need to do. We need to act on it and so passing comprehensive environmental policy and legislation and participating with other countries and trying to reach our goals in the Paris Climate Accords.”

Many of the protesters here are students and they want something to be done about climate change now. Students tell us they are here because the issue not only affects them but climate change will also affect other generations.

Student Tess Bowler said, “This not only affects us but it affects children that are growing up now and hopefully the children that we will have some day and without us doing anything to help the situation that we’re in right now nothing is going to get better.”

Organizers said the early stages of Friday’s protest attracted approximately 200 people.