Local girl building group to support teens who experience sexual assault

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - One local Girl Scout is on a mission to help teens who are victims of sexual assault and dating violence.

Photo: MesserWoland / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

Though there are support groups locally for women who are victims of sexual abuse and violence, there are not many places where teenagers can find support for the same issues.

Madelynn Carbaugh wants to change that.

"There is currently nothing out there to support teens, unfortunately. Though we are the second highest affected by those two issues," she explained.

For her Girl Scouts Gold Award project, Carbaugh partnered with the Women's Center for Advancement to create a support group for teens affected by dating violence and sexual abuse.

"We have to speak up for each other. We can't keep letting stuff happen. We can't keep doing things the way they are. It's not ok," she said.

Elizabeth Power at the WCA said the partnership is a perfect marriage.

"We had been wanting to build a support group specific to teenagers that speak their language. People who they see as peers instead of adults going through," she said.

The support group has a personal connection for Carbaugh.

"Freshman year when I went through it and realized there wasn't anything and I have to help these people. There are so many girls that go through this," she said.

Carbaugh said she felt isolated, and hopes the new support group can help other teens deal with that feeling.

The group will begin meeting on Monday the 14th and be held every Monday after that at the WCA.