Local church becomes temporary home for Bellevue flood victims

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BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) - First Baptist Church in Bellevue provided shelter for dozens of people who were displaced by encroaching floodwater.

Families had spent several days at the church, left to wonder what they would be able to go home to.

"If we're ready to start again with another life, I know we can handle this," Jacob Talamantes said.

Families who called the Green Acres Mobile Home Park their home were on their third day of displacement Monday, their homes stuck under standing water.

"I just hope we can all make it back home safely," Teresa Quiroz said.

Residents said Bellevue Police and fire crews went door-to-door in the neighborhood, first suggesting the homeowners leave, then telling them to.

"They came and they were like, 'You for real need to leave because it's going to get bad,'" Talamantes said.

And it did get bad. Houses were barely visible under feet of water.

"I was scared because all my stuff is down there and... I mean I didn't know it was going to be this serious," Quiroz said.

She and her family weren't prepared for what was to come.

"We could just grab what we could. It wasn't much," Quiroz said.

Her daughter, Isabella was forced to stay somewhere foreign.

"It's emotional because she's one and I can't tell her, 'You don't have a home to go to right now," Quiroz said.

The church was home for the time being.

"It kind of feels like home. We got food, we got drinks, we have what we need," Talamantes said.

He knew his home was probably lost, but the church helped him and his family regain some of what they lost in the flood.

"Everybody came with nothing and now everybody has something," Talamantes said.

The church said they would provide anything the displaced residents need for as long as they need until the families can get back on their feet.

"A lot of my family came here with nothing and it's not a big goal to start again. It's going to be hard, but we've got this," Talamantes said.

First Baptist Church had about 50 people staying there as of Monday night. The families had food, water and clothing donated to them. There were even diapers for Isabella and other babies.