Omaha pharmacy stops customers at the door, offering curbside pickup

Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 3:40 PM CDT
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Customers of a local pharmacy are not allowed inside to pick up their prescriptions, it’s all in an effort to flatten the curve, and keep everyone safe as we continue to fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Not many participating in this morning’s rush, traffic unusually light for this time of day, no public traffic at all inside

, they’re stopping their customers at the door.

“What we’ve been doing is when people call in for new prescriptions or refills we give them a couple of options. We either mail it out we can still deliver if they insist on coming to the pharmacy, we won’t let them come into the pharmacy,” said Jim Quinley, with Kubat’s Pharmacy.

Sean Barnes has to pick up his meds, he has no problem being stopped before he gets inside.

“I think it’s a great idea, I think it’s good for the community that everybody stays safe,” Barnes said.

In order to keep the customers and the staff safe from the threat of coronavirus, the transaction is made right in the doorway. There are signs in the window for those showing symptoms they want those customers to call inside for curbside service.

“It’s been crazy right when we come into when we close we are running around just going crazy trying to fill prescriptions trying to runout to cars and kind of cope with everything that’s going on I guess,” said Melissa Bacon, a pharmacy tech.

There are some services that Kubats won’t provide until this crisis is over.

“We’re not giving shots for a couple of weeks, yeah we stopped giving shingle shots and one last chance to contact patients so we’re trying to stay away from doing that,” said Quinley.

Kubat’s wants to do its part in the fight to prevent the virus from spreading and they’re hoping their customer free store helps.

“We want to keep that flatten the curb as much as we can, we want to participate as a pharmacy and as citizens of the United States to do what we can to radiate this,” said Quinley.

There are pharmacies in the metro that offer delivery, curbside, and drive-through services. Customers can also arrange to have their meds mailed to them. Check with your pharmacy to see what method is best for you.