Lime scooters a concern for pedestrians, drivers

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 9:10 PM CDT
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in Midtown, downtown, and Benson on Wednesday — easy to access, but riders still aren't used to the rules of the road on these new wheels.

"They're pretty fast. They're pretty dangerous,” said Taylor Sankey of Omaha.

"I haven't been run down by any of them, so far,” said Yuseph Khan of Omaha.

Hundreds of the electric two-wheelers hit the streets a day


Day one looked a lot a trial run.

"I'm a little concerned if people don't necessarily know

,” Khan said. "I can see things going badly."

are meant to be just that, but launch-day riders spent time off-road on the sidewalks. Walkers, joggers, and pet-owners taking out their dogs told 6 News they worry they'll have to watch their backs from here on out.

"It might raise the stress level just a bit,” Khan said.

That seems especially true in the Blackstone District, which sees a lot of foot traffic, particularly in the warm summer months.

Scooter speed limits topped at 35 miles-per-hour and potential impairments not enforced on a Lime scooter coupled with narrow sidewalks in Blackstone and Benson become even slimmer for riders and walkers.

"Just with how busy these roads have been as of late on Farnam, and this is a bar district, so there's alcohol and all that kind of stuff, that can be a little bit scary,” Sankey said. "Have to be aware of your surroundings and everything."

Drivers are also worried about having to look out for Lime scooters on the roads, concerned they might accidentally hit a rider — especially in the dark. Riders can be on the streets until 10:30 p.m., and the scooters have just one light: a small LED bulb in the front.

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