Legislature discusses allowing cannabidiol sales in Nebraska

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - State lawmakers are deciding if they should remove cannabidiol from Nebraska's banned substance list.

The Sarpy County attorney told one CBD shop they needed to go because, under Nebraska law CBD, hemp and marijuana are all considered banned substances.

The owner of the store owns a second location in Omaha. He's hoping the legislature will change his business.

Jeff Queens said Nebraska law has a grey area when it comes to how the state associates CBD with marijuana.

"What they're going to change about it is taking out that university study part and FDA approved part and just leave it as cannabidiol is more than 10 percent and less than 0.3 percent THC," he explained.

Queens said his product is less than 10 percent CBD. That loophole is how he and others stay in business.

Sen. Justin Wayne is introducing LB659 to clarify the current law's language.

"Yes, I'm trying to clearly define CBD oil in this particular bill can be sold and manufactured here in Omaha," Wayne said.

Right now, CBD and hemp are considered to be marijuana by the State of Nebraska.

Wednesday's hearing on the bill produced a lot of discussion about medical uses and economic growth.

"For me, I do it to help people. It's good to have a career you can be successful at while it's morally fulfilling," Queens said.

While he sees the health benefit, others see the financial benefit.

"Having testing facilities and being able to let Nebraska farmers and business people take part in this economic benefit, I would appreciate hurrying this along," Bill Hawkins with the Nebraska Hemp Company said.

No one wrote in or went to the hearing to oppose the bill.