Law enforcement looks into mystery drone sightings in Western Nebraska

 Photo courtesy: Pixaby/MGN
Photo courtesy: Pixaby/MGN (KKTV)
Published: Jan. 6, 2020 at 7:00 PM CST
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Now that a couple of weeks have passed and no one has claimed the drones it's leading some people to wonder whether they're supposed to be a secret.

Such as counter drones watching missile silos. If that's the case we may never solve the mystery.

Who's behind the ominous drone clusters flying in formation at night in Nebraska and Colorado?

witnesses have said the ones in the sky have six-foot wingspans up to 10-drones at a time. That takes a certain amount of sophistication to operate.

Victor Huang, UNO Aviation Institute said, "We have sensors on the belly..."

That means the mystery drones are twice the size of this one in the UNO drone program

Huang said, "I think it's odd, but we can't exclude as we discussed -- it could be military for national security reasons."

As this Colorado sheriff met privately today with law enforcement, the FAA, and the military looking for answers, it leaves many people to fill the void with conspiracies.

And worst-case scenarios, and how they would play detective.

As shown in this post from Grand Island police some say they'll solve the mystery by shooting down one of the drones.

Jacob Tewes a drone attorney said, "It's a weird gray zone. The FAA has consistently said it's illegal and says it falls under the statute. The message from the federal government has been clear, but the action has not backed that up."

Jacob Tewes is a drone attorney in Omaha.

He says it’s unclear why those who have been arrested for shooting down a drone haven't been prosecuted.

That said, he hopes the case of the mystery drones doesn't jeopardize all the good work people are doing with legitimate ones.

"I don’t have a good explanation of who it is. I don't think the FAA does either," said Tewes.

We're told none of the agencies involved can confirm the drones are malicious.

They're also looking for the command vehicle, a closed box trailer, or van with antennas that look suspicious.