Law enforcement building relationships with children through sports

Published: Nov. 2, 2018 at 4:28 PM CDT
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Some kids in north Omaha are getting a different perspective of law enforcement.

While giving kids basketballs in a north Omaha neighborhood, Douglas County Sheriff's Captain Wayne Hudson realized he need to make a play.

"I promised them if I could find them a basketball rim I'd bring one back," Hudson said.

He kept his promise when a home buy said they didn't need the one that came with their house.

Soon, neighborhood kids came to play ball, and for law enforcement officers, that's a good time for some relationship coaching.

"When you see us on the street and you know us, come up and say how you doing, alright?" Hudson said to the kids.

For Delon Ball, it's a first impression that will last.

"It's kind of neat. It's kind of fun hanging out with a detective," Ball said.

His aunt, Waynesha Ball, said she sees a positive interaction.

"Show them that cops are not bad. There are actually some really, a lot of good cops out here," she said.

The kids will likely see Omaha police officers in their neighborhood, but Hudson hopes to score points for all law enforcement. He grew up in the area.

"We want these young kids to know that we are human. We do care about them. We care what's going on in their lives. We are interested, and we're here to help them," Hudson said.

So far, Operation N.E.T.S. has handed out 45 basketballs and footballs to kids who might not be able to afford them.

Most of the equipment is donated.

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