Knicely Done: Should you dare go in?

Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 9:40 PM CDT
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Wayne Sealy is 71-years old and still opens his house near 18th and Burt in Omaha to a hoard of visitors every fall.

"I'm a cartoonist and I do children's books," he told me when I interviewed him in the back room of his three story house. "The last thing you would think I do would be something horrific!"

Sealy prefers to describe his elaborate haunted theatre called "Mystery Manor" as "more like Disneyland with a bite."

The front door opens to brave customers around 7pm on most days from mid-September to Halloween night.

"It's fun, mayhem, and chaos," said 53-year old Cliff Christensen who has been an actor at Mystery Manor since 1985. "I started out being a spooky road warrior and have also been other characters. It's a good time, we enjoy it a lot."

"We're more family than anything else," said actor Larry Brown whose resume at Mystery Manor includes roles as a mad doctor and the hunchback of Notre Dame. "I've also helped with construction in the house."

Visitors begin their walk through the dark hallways filled with eerie sounds and are greeted quickly by shadowy figures who are very adept at making the guests feel uncomfortable.

"If you just boo scare them that's a startle," said Sealy. "But when you engage them, that's where the art comes into play."

Watch the attached video and you'll get the picture.

Knicely Done!