Knicely Done: Icemen Cometh

Published: Mar. 7, 2019 at 9:53 PM CST
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When Scott Moore gave me the okay to bring my camera along and see why he and his brother Andy enjoy winter in Nebraska it was on one condition.

"You can't tell the viewers where our fishing lake is," he said.

The wind chill was well below zero when I arrived at the lake and the brothers were already out on the ice setting up their portable shelters.

"When I drill through the crust there will be about ten inches of clear ice," said Andy as he used his power auger. "I'm putting some big baits on these and fishing about halfway up the water column."

Andy worked as a fishing guide for a number of years and first learned about ice fishing at age four.

"My Dad gave me a piece of bazooka bubble gum of course we didn't catch anything," he recalled. "I don't know there is just something different about ice fishing, I just love it."

From Scott's perspective, winter is the only time he fishes.

"That's just the way I am. I ice fish with my brother," he said.

Asked if they get along, Scott said, "yes, except when he beats me and catches more fish that I do. It's a different story."

On this day Andy did catch more fish. It was catch and release and all were largemouth bass. As promised the size of each fish was impressive but Scott said, "They're about normal for this lake."

The video with this story proves it's not just another fish story. And it also makes it clear why they want their lake to remain a secret.

Knicely Done!