Knicely Done: Fetter's Unfettered Athletics

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Andrew Fetter is known on the playing field as "Coach" Fetter. Seven years ago when he was first asked to manage a team he said, "yes, but I'm not sure I have enough time."

Turns out Coach Fetter and his wife Crystal found ways to make time and balance their jobs, raising five children, and managing as many as a hundred-fifty youngsters enrolled in their "Unfettered Athletics" program.

Coach Fetter spends five evenings on the practice field and all day Saturday coaching and managing games that begin at nine and end at six.

Crystal organizes the schedules throughout the week and helps things run smoothly on game day.

"I honestly believe that God asked us to do this," she said in an interview with WOWT 6 News. "I tell people I don't like sports, I don't like being in the cold, but we continue to do what we're called to do."

""We've got our mission and values on our website," added Coach Fetter. "Some of those values include respect, hard work, loyalty, and humility. What we do is not football it's much more than that but we use football to teach that stuff."

And it's not just football with a hundred-fifteen playersfor the Fetters. Their program includes basketball and baseball so it's a year round commitment.

"The games are fun," said on parent watching on the sidelines. "Oh, oh," he said as he walked toward a young player headed of the field. "We've got a bleeder. Coach Fetter!!"

The bloody now was quickly attended to by Coach Fetter and the little guy headed back into the game. ""I put on many hats so wherever they need me is where I go," said Coach.

"It's just about winning," said Danielle Goforth who was watching her son on the playing field. "It's so much more than that."

"It's great, our first year, been fantastic," added Crystal McPeck. "The Fetters are really good at what they do"

After each game the players huddle for a final cheer.
Coach: Who are we?
Players: Hustlers!
Coach: What do we do?
Players: Hustle
Coach and players: 1-2-3, Hustlers!!!

Knicely Done!

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