Knicely Done: Enriching Young Lives In Transition

Published: May. 25, 2017 at 5:22 PM CDT
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Linda Menking and her sister Shelia of Arlington, Nebraska recognized a good idea when they saw it and helped in bringing it back to their hometown.

It's an outreach designed to help young adults with disabilities who are transitioning out of the school system.

"Graduation is at age 18 and then it's transitional to age 21," explained Linda in an interview with WOWT 6 News. "We are set up to coach and mentor them to try to find something that they want to do."

At the center of the program is the "Roots to Wings" store near main street in Arlington where various items ranging from home made pillows, to flowers made of copper to produce and frozen pies are for sale.

"We had our open house on April 22 and it was amazing," said Linda. "So we're working on getting the shelves stocked again."

Right now the cart like display in the middle of the store is empty but as the summer progresses it will be filled with fresh produce.

"We have two employee farmers who help in the field," said Linda.

We met up with Linda's sister Shelia who was busy in one of the donated garden plots preparing the soil with a hoe.

"If you're raised in an ag community you don't think twice about it," she said. "And some of our employee farmers need that. The don't need such a sedentary life."

26-year old Anthony Marcucci is enthusiastic about his opportunity to work for pay in the field and in the store.

"We planted onions and zucchini today," he said. "Tomorrow we will plant strawberries."

Also helping with the planting was Nicole Engdahl who is also one of the first employee farmers for Roots to Wings.

"Whatever they want to do, we want to find a mentor or a coach to work with them," said Linda. "We will show them how to do it,"

For more information on Roots to Wings visit their

Knicely Done!