Knicely Done: 3D Technology creates lasting memory

Published: Mar. 5, 2020 at 11:22 PM CST
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When I asked my co-anchor Lauren Taylor to join me on a story shoot she was offered no explanation.

She promptly showed up at CaptureMe3D near 84th and Giles and before she knew it she was standing inside a circular photo booth surrounded by cameras and sensors.

"There are 89 cameras," explained co-owner Denny Duncan. "And there are 27 sensors and they all flash in sync at the same time."

With a countdown starting at three, Lauren was ready for the burst of light that captured her image from all directions in a computer. A short time later Denny was able to rotate the 3D picture on the screen for approval.

"That was easy," said Lauren who was still curious about what the finished product would look like.

"We send the gif to our print partner in California and they manufacture it," said Denny. "It takes at least two weeks to complete the process".

A computer was used to build the exact miniature 3D replica of Lauren and then it was hand tooled for the final finish.

"It's just a unique way to celebrate all the aspects of life," said Denny's wife Ruth. "Growing up and the special things that happen in your life, marriage and sports and babies and pets, just everything. Celebrate life!"

On display at the studio in Papillion are examples of what other customers now have as lifetime mementos, ranging from wedding cake toppers, to sports, pets and military service.

Lauren received the replica of herself during our 10pm newscast with delight.

"I think I'll put it on your desk," she good naturedly told me. "It will be there so I can harass you!"

Ruth and Denny, it's clear you have another satisfied customer.

Knicely Done!

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