Knicely Done: All in focus for Sam

Published: Mar. 21, 2019 at 11:05 PM CDT
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When we first met Sam Senser it was to surprise him in front of his classmates at Louisville High School with a WOWT NBC Omaha college scholarship.

He was a filmmaker then and his passion for producing videos is even greater now.

His resume includes a national award for a public service announcement concerning the dangers of texting while driving..He was flown to New York to receive the award.

Sam has also produced several films that were selected for the Omaha Film Festival. His film in 2017 won first place in it's category.

In an interview with WOWT 6 News Sam pointed at his head and said, "It's just how to get what's in here to look like it does on the screen."

Now at age 22, Sam has just released his newest video with a strong warning to obey railroad crossing gates.

In the video, a young woman and man are stopped at the tracks waiting to cross. The woman urges the man to drive around the crossing gate because the train in the distance is clearly not moving.

The driver is almost convinced but stops just as a speeding train from the other direction blasts through the crossing.

"My Dad has been trying to get me to do the video because it happened to him when he was young," said Sam.

In that case a group of boys were telling their friend to drive go ahead and drive around the crossing gate. That was just before a train came through from the other direction.

Sam's hope is that his video will be picked up by schools or businesses as a safety tool.

The video of Sam's new production is included with this story.

Knicely Done!

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