Kids challenged to come up with a grand idea

Published: Sep. 7, 2018 at 2:25 PM CDT
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Some metro students are getting a chance to compete and learn a valuable lesson. The prize in the competition is $1,000. The lesson is in putting the money to work for others.

Blair Boncynski, with Omaha Catholic Schools, said, “We are trying to get them to challenge themselves to a higher level of service.”

The students at 70 schools are being asked for ideas about how $1,000 can be used to make a difference. “It’s happening all the time. There’s kids volunteering all over doing great things and now to get a little more acknowledgement I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for the kids.”

They’ll have until the end of the month to submit a video of their ideas. They’re encouraged to think creatively and be a model for everyone.

“When they see somebody that’s around their age doing something that is so helpful to people that can’t help but be inspiring to other kids.”

Liz Troia is a sixth grader at St. Philip Neri. Her idea is to expand her family’s tradition of caroling at hospitals. “We could get a transportation so we could go all around town and also we can send letters to other schools to say, ‘hey, it would be really nice if we went to hospitals or retirement centers and sang Christmas carols.'”

Her principal is excited to see what ideas other students can think of.

St. Philip Neri Principal Mary Simerly said, “I can’t wait because I know how giving and caring kids are. I think kids in today’s world sometimes don’t get credit for being as big-hearted as they are.”

Liz knows that just getting people to think about service can move people to take action. “Even if they don’t win, it doesn’t mean they can’t make their idea possible.”

Videos must be one minute or less and can be submitted by email at:


By the way, there is an incentive for the students. The winner will personally get a $200 gift certificate for Amazon.

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