Keadle murder trial continues; prosecutors reference Facebook posts

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GAGE COUNTY, Neb. (WOW)-- The murder trial against Joshua Keadle should be handed to the jury by early next week.

Keadle is accused of killing Tyler Thomas back in December of 2010.

One big question was where was Thomas in the hours before her disappearance?

Friday's testimony focused heavily on phone records and her Facebook page. The defense said the page shows a girl with a dark side and status updates about drinking too much.

The prosecution argued everyone has good days and bad days.

Edward Sexton, Investigator with Neb. Attorney General’s Office said, "She would post stuff and ask questions and people would respond or sometimes no one would comment. It read like a diary of how she was feeling at the time."

The trial picks back up tomorrow morning. The defense attorneys expect the prosecution will rest and then they can begin calling their own witnesses.