Joe Biden speaks at campaign stop in Council Bluffs

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) -- As part of his visit to several Iowa cities this week, former Vice President and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden is expected to make a campaign stop in Council Bluffs on Wednesday morning.

A crowd gathers at Grass Wagon Events Center in Council Bluffs on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, to see former Vice President and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden speak. (Brian Mastre / WOWT)

"Biden will lay out his vision for America and listen to voters’ concerns and ideas around restoring the soul of the nation, rebuilding the middle class, and unifying the country," according to a release from his campaign staff.

Remarks are expected to begin at 11 a.m.

Biden spent the bulk of his talk discussing his plans for health care. He believes Obamacare with a public option is the way to go and will distinguish him from the other democratic candidates.

"The affordable care act was a giant step forward for this country. 7 presidents had tried it, but Barack got it done.”

The plan is on Biden's campaign website and he urged people to read it.

Biden spent 25 minutes speaking and over an hour talking to voters directly.

There were other topics that supporters wanted answers to. Glenn and Marcia Schanou of Omaha waited until after the speech to ask Biden about his plans for education.

Rose Mary Hefley, another supporter wanted to hear about Biden's plans for equal rights and immigration.

"Our country has always been built on the foundation of welcoming refugees. And my heart is broken right now for what is happening in this country and the divide," said Hefley.

Many of the 300 people in the audience were from Omaha, Kara Donovan wished she didn't have to travel to hear Biden's message.

“It would be nice for people to show Nebraska some love -- I mean they all come to Iowa, which I get,” said Donovan.

Biden said to prepare to hear more about his health care plan in the next round of debates approaching later this month.