Six of nine aggravating circumstances found in Jenkins case

Published: Nov. 16, 2016 at 9:22 AM CST
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A sentencing panel found

that could move convicted spree killer Nikko Jenkins one step closer to death row.

A final decision as to whether Jenkins will get life in prison or the death penalty will come at a later date. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine says it will be at least two and a half months before anyone will know if the death penalty will come into play or not.

Jenkins appeared in court for a short time on Wednesday morning where he was heard saying, "This won't take long." He waived his right to be present and was ordered back to the state penitentiary.

Wednesday’s meeting was meant for the judges to take up any mitigating factors that could weigh against a death sentence.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine argued that the state proved all nine aggravating factors. He went on to say that he believes the state proved that the evidence is there beyond a reasonable doubt.

Attorney Tom Riley agreed that the crimes were horrible, but argued that the crimes were not especially heinous or horrible. "I'm not trying to walk a fine line," said Riley. "I'm trying to look at the behavior as an aggravator."

Family members of victims give their statements to the 3-judge panel Wednesday.

Teri Roberts, Andrea Kruger mom, was emotional as she spoke to the panel.

Teri: "Nikko Jenkins is a purely evil and selfish man that brutally murdered my daughter. He ended her life, and destroyed ours. There are no words to the loss and degree of pain he gave all of us."

Teri: "Andrea deserved to be the one to be there for her kids and to tuck them into bed."

Andrea's family was very emotional Teri Roberts continued her statement.

Teri:"Andrea deserves to be remembered by more than just memories and pictures. Nikko Jenkins is an evil man and the time has come for him to be judged here on earth and some day be judged by the almighty God."

Curtis Bradford's mom, Velita Glasgow, was the next to give her statement.

Glasgow: "It's been a long 3 years. It's very indescribable.I want the court to know I no longer have holidays. Nikko Jenkins still has that."

Glasgow: "I hope no parent has to sit and view my child like I viewed mine. They can't give me back my loss, but I hope justice is served at the end of the day."

The defense has 30 days to come up with a closing brief. The state will then get 30 days to respond. The defense will then get up to two weeks for a rebuttal.

On Monday, a judge ruled that Jenkins was

and could pay the ultimate price for a 2013 murder spree. The next day, Jenkins himself took the stand to testify, calling the case


Jenkins murdered four people in August 2013. He shot and killed Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz on August 11th. Two of Jenkins relatives met the men at a club and then lured them to Spring Lake Park to rob them. Then on August 19th, Jenkins lured Curtis Bradford under the pretense of committing a robbery together. Jenkins killed him instead. They had met in prison. Two days later, Jenkins shot and killed Andrea Kruger, a mother of three, who was driving home from work. Police said Jenkins shot Kruger so he could steal her SUV.