Jeep thief scores golf clubs, stealing La Vista man's precious memories

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 4:55 PM CST
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“I park right in front, where i can see it.”

Matt Brown parked his 2018 four-door Jeep Wrangler in a spot he thought would be safe from thieves. But when a thief stole the vehicle, but the heartache went well beyond the loss of a vehicle.

Brown also lost irreplaceable family memories.

Sunday morning, he went outside and found the Jeep gone, taken in the middle of the night. Another vehicle was stolen from the same apartment complex, which could mean crooks were checking for unlocked doors.

“Once you have a sense of security, you can potentially forget to lock your car,” he said.

Insurance can buy him another Jeep, but what was inside can’t be replaced.

The thief also stole a connection to Brown’s late grandfather, who left him a set of unique and very sentimental golf clubs. Fitted with new grips, the golf clubs were passed down from an avid golfer to his grandson.

“The very last thing he gave me before he passed — and it’s something that I kept great care of — polished, cleaned after every time using them,” Brown said. “And out of everything, if I had to choose one thing to get back, it would be those clubs.”

The rounds he’s focused on now are spent in a rental car, hoping to hear a familiar sound.

Brown thought he had lost a key fob but says it likely fell between the seats, so all a thief had to do is push the starter button.

“Just driving around, clicking the emergency button on my fob,” he said.

Brown is also checking Craigslist and pawn shops because recovering his grandfather’s golf clubs will be his most memorable score.

Anyone with information on the missing Jeep is asked to call La Vista Police at 402-331-1353; or Sarpy County Crimestoppers at 402-592-STOP.

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