It's not hot enough to fry a turkey on the sidewalk but...

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The befuddled weather chefs are still adding spice to the season. Our pumpkins are in the rear-view mirror, we've pushed our clocks back and here we sit in the 70s. In November.

And it's not over yet. It looks like the warmer weather is going to linger so if you're thinking a backyard picnic might make a nice change of pace for Thanksgiving this year, don't rule it out.

Dave Wyman
Speaking of holidays, all of this is great news for people like Dave Wyman. "Business is great," he said. "The weather's awesome."

Dave is CEO of Paradise Lawns. Along with tending to grass finales, his company also does professional holiday light displays. That has his crews in the cross-fire of business from the dueling seasons.

Wyman said, "Once it starts getting cold, which is normal November weather, then they have to bundle up. They move slower, so stuff doesn't get done as quickly."

While they're getting a jump on decking out metro homes for the holidays, those flourishing lawns are looking a little out of kilter with the Christmas decor. At least they're green.

Kathy Wheeler
Kathy Wheeler, of Bennington, handles her own holiday decorations and said, “I'll put my lights up pretty soon. I'll put my tree up soon. I'm ready.”

Several houses in her neighborhood are already lit-up for Christmas despite the fact that people are still wearing shorts.

Wyman is among the shorts-clad crowd. He said, “I like your weathermen. They're doing us good.”

In fact, Wyman said he wouldn’t mind if it stayed this warm all the way through January when it's time to take down all of the lights.

As for the near term, you might as well get used to mild times. According to the crystal ball that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration uses for this sort of thing, our above-average temperatures are likely going to stay with us through the month of November.

But stay tuned. Sooner or later someone's going to start dreaming of a white Christmas. And dreams can come true.