Islamic civil rights group calls local “Muslim Threat” events islamaphobic

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- A local nonprofit is hosting several events in our region about what it calls a "growing concern" of Islamic terrorism in America.

Members of The Global Faith Initiative claim terrorists have already infiltrated groups that advocate Islam civil rights. The response from those groups is that The Global Faith Initiative and the speakers invited to the events are simply islamophobic.

"I don't have problems with Muslims but the organizations that are involved…international front groups," said Jeff Jorgenson who is Chair of the Pottawattamie County Republican Party. We spoke with him on camera outside of the event Wednesday because cameras were not allowed inside the room where the presentation happened.

One group The Global Faith Initiative brings up many times on their web site and in their social media is the Council on American Islamic Relations, which is also known as CAIR. They refer to CAIR as a terrorism funding front.

"These guys are grasping at straws to sell their story," said Miriam Amer. She’s the Executive Director of Iowa’s CAIR chapter. "They're concerning because they're spreading hatred. You know they're planting a seed that's going to grow into a huge tree."

Jorgenson says the bad seed planted is the spread of Islam in America. "They're looking to make the Muslim religion more acceptable to regular Americans. That's when they move in, they run Muslim candidates. There's going to be Muslim presidential candidates. What's going to happen then?"

Amer thinks the conversations being held at the events are counterproductive to progress. "They're trying to get people to be afraid instead of helping to heal this nation, they're further dividing us and they're doing it with lies."

CAIR tells us they will be at scheduled events in Iowa to counter-protest with a sit in on Thursday.