Iowa voters size up current state of campaign trail

GLENWOOD, Iowa (WOWT) -- When candidates chasing the Democratic presidential nomination talk issues in Miami, they know they need their voices to resonate in the ears of Iowa voters.

Thursday, 6 News went to Glenwood to talk with some of the people whose opinions will be critical in the 2020 campaign.

“I'm going to be looking for promises that I know can be kept because a lot of times there are lofty promises made that can't be kept," Judy Ring said.

Kept promises are the reason Ring says she's leaning toward voting for President Trump again.

Asked what she would have to hear from a candidate Thursday night to be swayed she said, “I don't know if I could be yet but that's why I'm going in with an open mind. It definitely has to feel like someone I can trust. He's felt like someone I can trust.”

Howard Kamish said he's also looking for a candidate who will do what they promise. He said he will be watching the Democrats closely, and that he's not pleased with the president.

“When you hear ‘I'll cut taxes, I'll raise benefits, I'll do lower this, I'll raise that,' so far, most of those have been pretty shallow," he said.

Kimberly O'Connor is one many people from Pacific Junction staying at an RV park since being washed out by floodwaters. She said she saw a handful of Democratic candidates come through the town in the wake of the flood, and she was happy to hear Beto O'Rourke talk about the town Wednesday night.

Climate is a big issue for her.

"I think for Beto it was like, 'My God, how can we do this? How can we be so heartless? And how can we let a situation that's been brewing since the 1990s come to this culmination without having done anything,' " she said.

Others from Pacific Junction aren't too interested in watching the Democratic debates.

"I'm completely satisfied with the president. I have no problem with Mr. Trump," Otis Turner said.

6 News also spoke with a number of other Iowans, and while some of them said they already know who they're voting for, there was also a sense of wait and see what happens throughout the primary process and wait and see what happens at the White House over the next year.

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