Iowa family billed for security services that washed away with the flood

SIDNEY, Iowa. (WOWT)-- A family displaced after the March flood is frustrated with the bills they keep receiving from a security company even after their services were no longer possible.

Matt Schoville and his family currently reside in a camper after the floods took their remodeled country home in Sidney, Iowa.

The water has since receded, but bills from ADT Security has Schoville worried of a balance due for a service that went out when the power did after the waters tore through their home.

According to the Schoville’s the home has been without power for 140 days. The power company hasn’t been charging them since, but their security company has been continuing to bill them monthly.

“I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have a program set up for a natural disaster like this, just to hold off, put a pause on it,” said Matt Schoville.

The family has accumulated multiple past-due notices and more than $350 in bills.

“It just adds to the stress, the stress of us having to deal with more stuff like cleaning out the house, dealing with everything we lost,” said Andrea Schoville.

According to the Schovilles, they watched the floodwaters take over their home through their security system, and the company should have known when things went dark.

6 On Your Side reached out to ADT and received this text, “As a token of goodwill ADT is releasing this customer from their contract and waiving all charges due to the flood. We wish them well.”