Iowa Democrats to certify caucus results, noting no changes to delegate allocation

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DES MOINES, Iowa (WOWT) -- The Iowa Democratic Party plans to certify results of the Feb. 25 recount of 23 precincts.

While a change was noted in 19 county-level precincts, "the recount process resulted in no change to National Delegate allocation," according to the IDP release.

Sen. Bernie Sanders' campaign submitted 10 recount requests; Mayor Pete Buttigieg's campaign requested 14; and one request overlapped both campaigns.

"To be eligible for a recount, a campaign needed to provide evidence suggesting that caucus errors would change the allocation of one or more National Delegates," the release states.

During the recount process, administrators counted the numbered cards then sorted the two-sided cards reflecting caucusgoers’ first and second preferences to recreate the movement in the room, the release states.

The state party's central committee is scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. Saturday in Altoona to certify the results.

This year's presidential caucuses have been problematic for Iowa's Democratic party. Technical glitches delayed results of the Feb. 3 caucuses for days, and eventually, the state's Democratic Party chairman, Troy Price, < ahref="" target="_blank">resigned over the ordeal.

With only a narrow margin putting Mayor Pete Buttigieg on top, he and Sen. Bernie Sanders called for a recanvassing of results, but the final tallies ended up reinforcing the originally reported results.