Iowa Democrats propose virtual caucuses in 2020

Published: Feb. 11, 2019 at 5:01 PM CST
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The Iowa Democratic Party on Monday proposed changes to the state caucus process including the addition of virtual caucuses, streamlined recount processes, and locked delegate allocations.

“Starting almost immediately after the 2016 cycle, this party took a holistic look at how we can make the Iowa caucuses more accessible and transparent," Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price said. "These proposals are the result of thousands of hours of conversation and years of hard work.”


The proposed changes include:

  • Virtual caucusing would allow registered Democrats to participate in one of six virtual caucuses over the course of six days on their smart device.
  • Streamlined realignment would allow "non-viable groups" to realign their precinct caucuses. Viable groups' initial alignment numbers would be locked in, unless non-viable groups chose to join.
  • Recounting and recanvasing could be requested by presidential campaigns by either congressional district or statewide if it can be shown that the result could affect the allocation of delegates to the national convention.
  • Caucus night results would be locked. The allocation of national delegates would be determined by the results on caucus night, not as a result of the convention process.
  • More information would be released
  • including raw totals from the first alignment, final alignment, and the state delegate equivalents earned by each president preference group. State delegate equivalents would be used to determine the allocation of national delegates.

“While we will always continue to improve the caucus process, I am confident that with these historic changes, we are giving more Iowans a way to participate in the caucuses; we are increasing transparency and trust; and we are streamlining our process,” Price said. “We invite Iowans to look at these proposals and give us their feedback so that together we can make the 2020 Iowa Democratic Party caucuses the most successful yet.”

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