Inspectors pressed to keep up with housing complaints

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Omaha's chief housing inspector says there may soon be too many rental housing complaints for the city's nine inspectors to keep up.

Inspectors responded to a refugee family's complaint Thursday.

The family says they've asked their landlord at least 10 times to do something about the mold, mice, cockroaches, leaking ceilings and other problems in their unit - but to no avail.

Over the past few months we've reported on numerous families living in conditions like this.

Chase Vanderveen is a friend of the family. She lives in same apartment complex and says the toilet not flushing is one example of the landlord's way of handling problems in the unit.

“Maintenance did come out and look at it and all they did was give them plunger and told them if you have a bowel movement to just push it down with a plunger."

Vanderveen says the family was able to file a complaint with the city using an interpreter, who was able to explain the process.

“I think it was giving them the option and them saying yes, so it was just like them not having the resource or option prior to that."

6 News spoke with the city's chief housing inspector. He said that if our news reports are indicative of what's going on out there, he's going to have no other choice than to advocate for more inspectors.

The landlord of the property says he and his workers have a passion for their tenants and want to respond to any complaints they have in a timely fashion.