Injured bar patron strikes back in court

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- A patron at an Omaha bar claims bouncers went too far and he's left with $300,000 in medical bills. A bar lawyer says Tyler French brought it all on himself.

The swords are crossed over a Billy Froggs incident at 11th and Howard in June, 2017.

A lawsuit by French alleges a Billy Froggs peacekeeper became a punisher.

French said, “To attack somebody from behind and beat me as many times as they did without any chance of getting away or defending myself or even deflecting the punches…"

After an exchange of words with someone else, French shoved the man. French was then blindsided by an alleged bouncer who continued with a beating that shattered French’s face resulting in five surgeries.

French said, “The surgeon said it’s up to you whether to have surgery but your whole face is shattered and you'll have problems the rest of your life."

Attorney Clete Blakeman says bouncers only have the right to cool a heated situation. “In this case even try to subdue my client in some way but the beating that ensued was far in excess of what they're permitted to do."

Billy Froggs’ attorney says fault lies with French who was intoxicated and assumed risk of injury. The bouncers and manager claim they maintained appropriate and reasonable control.

French's case is on the civil rather than criminal side of the court because the Omaha city prosecutor declined to file assault charges.

The prosecutor says French was the initial, primary aggressor and gave police inconsistent statements. French claims that's because of head trauma. Video shows him down on the sidewalk for almost two minutes before staggering to his feet. A relative took him to the emergency room.

French said, “It's been a traumatic devastating experience and it didn't have to happen."

The lawsuit could define how bar security handles confrontations due to excessive drinking without use of excessive force.

French has requested a jury trial but his attorney says that might be 10 months from now.