Infested Chocolate Treats Shock Family

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A favorite treat turns into a shocking discovery that leaves a mother worried and her children gagging.

Before their sweet tooth could bite into a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball, Nicole Dyer and her kids are shocked to see its already being eaten.

Insect larva crawls from Ferrero Rocher chocolate treats Nicole bought in a plastic container at Wal-Mart on december first and she said was opened ten days later. The expiration date January 2nd 2018.
That’s why the family didn’t expect to bite into more than they should chew.

Son Mario Crawford said, ”I just spit mine out and about threw up.”
Iyamari Crawford said,” I seen worms start falling out and it was gross.”
and concerning to their mother.

Their mother Nicole Dyer said, “I was worried what might happen to them. I had to hurry up and Google side effects of eating maggots.”

Six On Your Side took the infested candy to the extension service which identified Indian Meal Moth caterpillars.

Kathleen Cue with the University of Nebraska Extension Service office in Omaha put the larva from the chocolate balls under a microscope and she said, “These don’t cause any problems to humans, they don’t spread diseases, they don’t vector anything, they’re just one of those ick sort of things”

Family attorney James Martin Davis said he’ll write a letter to Ferrero and Wal-Mart. Davis said, “We don’t intend to place a claim against you because nobody was seriously injured or whatever but you ought to be on notice telling them about these quality control issues.”

Six On Your Side made several attempts to get a response from Wal-Mart about the infested Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls sold and an Omaha store but received no response.

Manufacturer of Ferrero Rocher chocolates sent Six News a statement which is on the side of this article.