Illegal immigrant in ICE custody charged with 4 counts of child sexual assault

Published: Nov. 7, 2017 at 5:30 PM CST
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6 News has learned an illegal immigrant set to be deported has now been accused of sexually assaulting Metro children. He's also accused of trying to intimidate his alleged victims from behind bars.

Victor Garcia-Fuentes is already in custody at the Douglas County Jail on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold. Now he faces 4 counts of child sexual assault.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine told 6 News: "3 of them are contact charges. 1 is a penetration charge. So these are very serious charges."

Kleine said the children range in age from 5 to 12 years-old. They claim they were abused over the course of several years. The alleged crimes were reported in September.

Court documents reveal Garcia-Fuentes "denied any knowledge of the incident or knowing the victims" - even though investigators believe he had a prior connection to the children.

When the children came forward, Garcia-Fuentes was already behind bars at the Douglas County Jail for his immigration violation. Omaha Police say they have phone recordings from inside the jail where Garcia-Fuentes spoke to an unknown man and woman and asked for their help to contact the alleged victims' family. The woman on the phone warned Garcia-Fuentes they were being recorded, so Garcia-Fuentes said he would send them a letter. That prompted investigators to go to the jail with a search warrant and look through Garcia-Fuentes's mail.

Kleine said: "There's always concerns with victims, the victims' families, and law enforcement that somebody might try to intimidate victims, intimidate witnesses to try to not have them testify.

Investigators also say they have phone recordings from inside the jail of Garcia-Fuentes telling the same unknown woman to go to his house, find a cell phone hidden behind a dresser, and take it.

Garcia-Fuentes will be in court for a hearing on November 27th. If he's convicted, he will serve prison time in the Metro before being deported to his home country.